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I will be at this craft show selling our seasonings, dips, rubs , dog biscuits and pastured pork. Come on by and see us and many other and support small local business .
Steve will be at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market Saturday selling for the farm also. This will be a good practice run for us since this year we will start selling in Danville VA and Greensboro NC  every Saturday  starting in May
. Check our blog and facebook page through the season for more upcoming events.
<![CDATA[Wet chickens, Mud and Mushrooms ]]>Tue, 26 Feb 2013 14:19:02 GMThttp://cornerstonegarlicfarm.com/blog/wet-chickens-mud-and-mushroomsPicture
This winter we must have broken the record for cloudy days. Usually I love winter with blue sky cool crisp days and starry nights. Since the new year I doubt we have had more that 2 fully sunny days in a row.

I looked out this morning and the the unhappy chickens were standing in the rain looking miserable! Even the pigs don't like it when it is this cold and wet!  Also, our children especially dislike sliding around in the rain and mud to feed them!

My hands are itching to get back in the soil digging and planting , but even our well drained soil is too wet to plow and plant. Fortunately ,I got my hands in the soil yesterday seeding  500 pepper and egg plants. They are now under grow lights along with the lettuce, spinach, kale and collards I did earlier this month. I usually direct seed alot of my greens but with the ground being saturated I decided to start them inside . I still have alot of tomatoes and herbs to start in the next week or so.

There is one thing on our farm that loves the wet conditions , our shiitake logs.  We started our first mushrooms in 2005 but for the last few years haven't added new ones .So most of our logs are old and falling apart. The other day I found mushrooms on several old logs we thought were no longer productive... Not enough to sell at the market but for us to enjoy. That was just enough encouragement to finish inoculating the last of the mushroom logs for this year. Yesterday we finished... or I should say our children finished. They have worked along beside us on this project but yesterday we let them do the inoculating and waxing themselves!   I am so proud of our kids !  

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Our pea trellis before planting
Spring is coming....
Our short winter is flying by and I get worried  that something won't get done before Spring.  The winter here is so unpredictable, warm ,cold ,rain, snow ,ice ,thunderstorms, high winds,can all happen in one week here. You can plan your farm week, but the weather will always change it. The only constant is feed the animals.
Yesterday started in the teens with heavy frost... by noon it had warmed to the 50's. So Steve and I were outside planting sugar snap peas. We planted one very long row and planted on each side of the trellis.  Our plan was to start  planting onions  also but it was so wet we decided to wait. I did get several flats of greens started and will continue to work on this for the next couple weeks ... tomatoes , peppers, eggplant, herbs, so much to do.

Projects we are working on:  finishing the shittake logs, building a small seed starting house, putting up fencing in the woods for the pigs, making chicken tractors.

Also making more garlic powder ,garlic vinegar  and maybe garlic jelly. also working more on this website... there are more things but these are the major ones... when people ask about all that winter down time at the farm I just laugh!